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Take A Buyout Or We’ll Sell You Out

Read it and weep! Who will champion the underdog? I will! It may not be much, but it will be something.

The headline of The Tennessean, Tuesday, July 22, 2008 reads: “Too Few Seek State Buyouts.” Then right below: “Governor says layoffs are likely if 2,300 workers don’t apply.” To layoff state workers is to sell them out.

Why are some of the lowest paid state employees being threatened with a layoff unless they agree to a buyout? We are told that a shortfall in the state revenue appears likely. What about the money thrown to the wind? I’m a retired educator, and I know that the millions of dollars poured into Tennessee’s educational system has not always produced better results. Metro-Nashville is proof of that. But state workers, in a time when the economy is so sluggish and gas is $4.00 a gallon, are being threatened with their jobs.

Liberal Democrats talk about being the friend of the working man and woman. Now is the time for them to put up or shut up.

Money is being spent foolishly on liberal social projects, while the problem it is supposed to solve continue unabated. Millions of dollars are wasted on a dugout in which the stiff shirts meet to sip their vodka while poor state workers wonder where they are going to get the money to buy Kool-Aid mix for their dinner meals.

I have a suggestion for the Liberal Democrats in the legislative, and the Liberal Republicans too, they are just as guilty, buyout the Governor, or else lay him off. What is fair to the goose is fair to the gander.

Another suggestion to state employees is to protest, but do it peaceably. Otherwise it fails. Do as the farmers will do in Red Boiling Springs on July 10th as they protest the high price of gas.

TBA! (Take Back America!)

TBT! (Take Back Tennessee!)

Government in Washington and in the state capitols are not being operated for the common man – the man who works hard every day and pays his taxes.

TBRAN! (Take Back Rural America Now!)