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Wilson Fair Gives In To Atheists Discount

Wilson County Fair officials had planned to offer a church bulletin discount only to Christian groups attending the Goad and Country Day this past Sunday in Lebanon, but atheists “threw a monkey wrench” into their well-intended plans by demanding a discount for all atheists.

The fair officials put to rest the controversy by deciding to offer a $2 discount to any fairgoer who would present a bulletin from a church, or a printout from a religious or secular group’s web page.

The atheists were happy. Thaddeus Schwartz, founder of Secular Life, a Nashville atheist group, says giving the atheists a discount is good news. Schwartz says he has serious doubts about the Almighty. His doubts will be erased on Judgment Day.

According to Schwartz, the atheists were to wear T-shirts and pass out fliers on this past Sunday on what had been designated by the fair as God and Country Day.

I can’t help wondering what was the message or messages on their T-shirts. They could go to Psalm 14:1 and get this message: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” “ I’m a fool” would be an appropriate message for an atheist to wear on the front of his T-shirt. Nabal is the Hebrew word for fool, and it means, among other things, madman. So the atheist could have this message on the backside of his T-shirt – “I’m a madman.

At least the atheists have admitted that atheism is a religion by insisting that they get the same discount as Christian groups. Pardon me, Mr. atheist, but your group doesn’t visit the sick in hospitals, feed the hungry, take care of widows and orphans, build hospitals, build Christian schools, and countless other things, and consequently, your group doesn’t deserve special consideration.

The universe works more accurately than any clock or watchman has been able to make. And no watch is running around that “just happened” – some watchmaker made it. The universe that is timed more accurately than a watch says to us that there is a maker of the universe. Tell me, Mr. Schwartz if there is no Divine Power (God), how did the universe, working so perfectly, get here? We’ll be waiting to hear your answer.

What the fair officials should have given to the atheists instead of a discount on their tickets was a truckload of peanuts to feed their ancestors, since they believe in evolution.

One wrote, “The atheist’s dilemma is that when he feels very grateful and wants to give thanks, he has no one to give it to.”

He doesn’t believe in God and Christ. He believes we owe our origin to some lower form of life.