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“Tell It Like It Is”

Mealy months are far from being appreciated. They may think they are being diplomatic or politically correct, but their hypocrisy is highly audible to those on the sidelines. They are fooling no one but themselves. The people who pay the taxes are keenly aware of these oxymorons.

I’m convinced more than ever that the masses of the people want professionals who will “Tell It Like It Is.” The American people have been fed far too long a diet of lies and half-truths. They are foundered from this diet, and they are yearning for one who will “tell it like it is.” Even churchgoers want preachers who will “tell it like it is” – the way Paul wrote it.

Recently, while entering Citgo in Red Boiling Springs, James Hagan, a resident on the Gamaliel Highway, was leaving and we stopped and chatted with each other for four or five minutes. James has been a hardworking, wise and honest man during his long lifetime, and because of this I was elated when he said to me, “I read your Rural Viewpoints weekly and I appreciate the fact that you ‘tell it like it is.” James is a man of wisdom and he knows how important truth is. We both agree, America is plunging lower and lower, mainly because of incompetent and dishonest leadership from the city hall, to the state capital, and the nation’s capital. How long will the Almighty permit the immorality, greed, and lying to continue to reign supreme in this country is a questions that is on the lips of multiplied millions? One doesn’t have to look any farther that the city halls of many rural towns in Tennessee to see four or five chameleons whose primary interest is revenge, self-gratification, and lining their pockets with a few bucks. These Johnny-come-lately chameleons need throwing out.

A little boy came to his dad and said, “Dad, I think I flunked my math test today.” His dad said, “That’s negative thinking. You’ve got to be positive son.” To which the little boy replied, “Okay, I’m POSITIVE, I flunked it.”

Readers, I’m positive – positive that the critical need of today is to “tell it like it is” something that is a rarity in our society. Are chameleons, dufuses, and sideline quarterbacks killing your town? I’m positive they have all but killed my town. It’s time for all of us to take charge of our towns, states, and the nation’s capital. We have played mousy for too long.