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The New Weapons That Frightens The Liberals A Modern Deborah

John McCain has unleashed a new weapon that is sending shock waves throughout the liberal camp. I can’t believe it, but they are scared to death of McCain’s new addition to his arsenal. Can you believe that one little woman could give so many liberals a bad case of the jitters? Well, Sarah Palin has done it. They appear to be afraid that Governor Palin won’t be intimidated by their insults and lies. They are right, she won’t. Boys, you’ve got a tiger by the tail. Rest assured, Palin will rally the troops to the conservative cause.

There are those who think that a woman shouldn’t serve in any governmental capacity. But if the door is open, then why shouldn’t a woman step in immediately? And the door is open. Men have stepped through that door, but they have messed-up this country.

Maybe a smart and tough woman is exactly what we need to call this country back to the “old paths”. In Hebrew history, there was a woman named Deborah who stepped though an open door and rallied her people to victory against Israel’s enemies. The men were running for cover, but not Deborah. The men were ready to turn their nation over to its enemies, but not Deborah. Here is what ancient Hebrew history recorded of Deborah: “The inhabitants of the villages ceased; they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother of Israel” (Judges 5:7). It was a time of lawlessness and grave immorality. The same is true today. It was not safe to walk the highways; the highways were unoccupied. Rulers had ceased to rule. Public officials don’t govern today. They are too busy lining up deals to advance their own careers. Deborah didn’t want to take the lead, but there was no man to assume the leadership. Deborah wanted something better for her children than what she saw about her. Because of her desire, she stepped through the door and became a judge in Israel. She stepped out and took the lead in a day when corrupt and feeble men had denied God.

I’m going to give Sarah Palin a chance to become a modern Deborah by voting for her and John McCain. I have no other choice. The Muslim world has infiltrated and invaded this country and I have no intentions of sitting back and allowing a man whose closest friends are anti-Americans to continue to lay the groundwork for a Muslim take over of America in a few years. I’m just one person, but when each of us prays and votes to maintain our freedom, then victory will ensure Palin is opposed to killing babies, called abortion (but not Obama). She condemns same sex marriage (but not Obama). She wants to maintain a strong military to protect America from Muslim terrorists (but not Obama). She is opposed to social programs that are designed to bless the parasites (but not Obama). She believes in God, but we don’t know what Obama really believes. The preacher where he attended for twenty years preached down with America, but Obama never condemned him until his preaching was costing him votes.

But let it be clearly understood that whoever is elected President, that person will be my President and I will support him, pray for him, in what is right, but I will oppose him in what is wrong. This is America and I love it, and I’m not willing to turn it over to some Johnny-come-lately to further erode my freedoms. God bless America!