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Radical Muslim Sympathizers

Are some Americans ignorantly sympathizing with radical Muslims? It sure seems that way. If my readers want to meet a full-grown liberal, then read Sue Caldwell’s letter to the Macon Chronicle’s editor, which appeared in last week’s issue. Her attempt to paint Muslim religion as peace-loving is ludicrous. It is my opinion that she is suffering from the ostrich syndrome on else she is highly prejudice. There is a vast difference between the liberal philosophy she has bought into and the actual truth.

Islam has been violent from its very origin. If some Muslims are peaceful as she claims, then why don’t they denounce the violence of their religious brothers?

Some are probably loving, but why don’t they get out of a religion that has been violent from the days of Mohamed? I have a copy of the Koran – the Muslim’s Bible, and it instructs “good” Muslims to fight against unbelievers, and that is us. A short time after Mohammed founded Islam, he and his followers took up the sword against all unbelievers in his region. Who can forget the killings in Africa, Indonesia, and even 9/11 was a conspiracy which was eight-years in the making.

Islam is infiltrating positions of power in America with the view of making more disciples – Muslims for their God, Allah. Their battle cry was and is, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”. Muslims are trained in Saudi Arabia to be chaplains and sent to work in America’s prison system. This is how they are making so many black converts. Did you know this, Sue?

Tax dollars are being given to Muslim schools in the eastern United States. Did you know that, Sue?

In some public schools in America, non-Muslim students must sit and wait while Muslim children pray to Allah, but American children aren’t allowed to pray to God. Did you know that, Sue?

Here are some of the things, which indicts Caldwell as one who is a liberal of liberals, not a Democrat, for a true blue Democrat wouldn’t buy into the philosophies she has embraced.

1.    She dislikes Fox News, the only news network that tells the truth.

2.    She doesn’t want to drill for oil in America, which is one of the ten commandments of liberals; “Thou shalt not drill on American land.”

3.    She insinuates that conservatives are using fear tactics by accusing Obama of having ties with some anit-America fellows, such as his former preacher Wright. Sue, Obama did go to a Muslim school, did change his name to a Muslim name and was sworn in on the Koran, which book advocates violence against the world of unbelievers.

4.    Sue, do you agree with your liberal brother Steven Cohen from Memphis – a congressman in Washington, who last week compared Obama to Jesus Christ on nationwide television?

5.    Sue, since you are a strong advocate for left-wing politics, does this mean you endorse the killing of babies and same sex marriage?

By the way, isn’t this why you don’t like Sarah Palin? She is opposed to same sex marriage and abortion. She has lead in her backbone, not jello. She speaks out on the wrong in America, while the liberals are eroding America’s values by endorsing it.

I’m afraid of all liberals – people who have abandoned our American heritage for a “mess-of-pottage”. But if Obama is elected President, then he’ll be my President, and I’ll pray for him and support him in what is right.

Sue, I’m glad you read my viewpoints and that you have the freedom to disagree. This is something people don’t have in an Islamic state. To disagree is to loose one’s head.