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Apathy Gone To Seed

It is hard to arouse an apathetic public to danger. A lack of strong feeling or interest saturates our society. Truth doesn’t matter for too many people, like the proverbial ostrich; bury their heads in the sand of apathy, caring less what happens to their children and grandchildren.

China isn’t coming, no, she is already here. She has put an economic noose around America’s neck, and is drawing it tighter day by day. She already owns a hunk of this country, and is luring the greed mongers from the United States by the thousands, while our own people lose their lifelong jobs.

Couple the above with the possibility of a nuclear attack – a real possibility, and the two spell danger – real danger, the kind we can’t afford to ignore. The politicians must take steps to correct this economic injustice, and provide the wisdom, guidance, and funds to make us strong militarily, or else the future will belong to China, not America.

Apathy can weaken us from within, and make us vulnerable to economic and nuclear powers such as China.

I couldn’t believe I was seeing it on Fox, but I was – two young girls kissing and demonstrating in a movie what it means to be lesbians. Both the movies and school textbooks are promoting homosexuality with unstrained favor. Why? It is obviously because the general public doesn’t care. Just wait until your daughter brings home her new husband, and you stand their speechless, because the husband is not a “he”, not an “it” but a “she”. And you didn’t care! You didn’t turn off your television and you didn’t protest the showing of homosexual movies. Furthermore, you didn’t protest to the school board for adopting textbooks, which promotes the homosexual lifestyle.

Apathy, you are a corrupter of a nation, even churches. Surely we value our land, posterity enough to be concerned about what is happening to us.

Read the above and pass it on!