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The Unmasking Of Error

Error is not always easily recognized. It is often deceptive. Couple this with the fact that a large segment of American people are so prejudice that they could care less when they are being deceived, and the result is a major catastrophe in the making.

However, today I’m approaching my subject from the belief that there are countless honest people, out of the church and in the church, who welcome the unmasking of error. Whether it be in politics, education, news media, or religion.

How are we to unmask error? Not be listening to the politicians in Washington. Much of their motivation comes from the desire to hide the truth from the American people. They aren’t going to tell on themselves. Their goal is to feather their own nest. They remind me of a bunch of possums up a persimmon tree in late November who have no intentions of disclosing the whereabouts of the tree.

The liberal networks are just as insidious in withholding the truth from their viewers.

The educators are in on the hiding game.

All of these entities, including the church are best on spreading falsehoods to further their agenda. So don’t expect the truth from the liberal change agents. Expect lies and you’ll not be disappointed.

The only way to unmask error is with the Word of God. The unmasking of error is not a little task.

The unmasking of political error is a task of the first magnitude. It takes men of faith and courage, (Acts 4:13-21). A nation that promotes sin and demotes God is sure to suffer serious consequences, (Proverbs 14:34). The liberal politicians are seeking to change this nation by embarking upon a course of silence that is designed to eliminate God from our culture. By silence, I mean, a course that leaves God out of our daily lives, and in a way in which people don’t recognize what is happening. Allah, the god of the Muslims’ appears more times in textbooks than the God of Heaven. Chaplains in the military are forbidden to pray in the name of Jesus. This pleases the atheists and agnostics. It also pleases the Muslims who believe and teach that Jesus is not the Son of God.

We need the backbone of John the Baptist who sent word to the diabolical politicians Herod and said, “Go ye, and tell that fox. Behold I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected” (Luke 13: 32). Other words, John was saying, “I’ve got God’s work to do and no sly politician is going to stop me.” Which politician is foxing you, my friend? Examine the politicians by the Word of God, and you’ll not be out-foxing.

It is also a task to unmask the various news networks. Polls show that the majority of Americans do not believe the liberal networks when they report the news. Don’t become a gullible geek who believes everything he hears. Look for prejudice in the words of the liberal reporters. The modern liberal news media wants to do away with the old America and usher in New America. We must not run from these enemies of traditional American, but engage them in the fight to save this nation. It is “fight or flight”. Unmask the news reporters and see if they are truthful or liars. Be smart! Don’t allow them to think for you.

Unmask modern education and see if it is building up America or tearing down its foundations that have withstood the tests of time. According to the NEA, the cause of ignorance in America today is the “religious right.” But the truth is, the liberal “educrats” have been conducting a systematic “brainwashing” of America’s children for the pat forty years. They are told that abortion is not killing. Furthermore, Joe and Ted getting married is not wrong. That homosexuality is an alternate lifestyle. And radical attitudes and actions are not wrong.

“Brainwashing” school children so they will be able to help the political left with their agenda has been going on for years. Do you know William Ayers? You don’t.  Well, let me tell you who he is. He is a domestic terrorist. He bombed this nation’s capitol in 1971. He bombed the Pentagon in 1972. When he was arrested and brought to trial, he was set free because of a technicality. Though he admitted to both crimes, he was set free. This same man gave fifty million dollars to the Chicago School System, which was used to indoctrinate the students with radical attitudes around America.

The attitude of radicalism in sweeping through America’s education system.

Furthermore, school children and undeserving adults are being taught that America owes them something for nothing. This brought down Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, but they have been given a seven billion dollar dose of liberal steroids and they are now embarking on their second honeymoon. Good luck Freddie and Fanny! God, please protect hardworking Americans from this modern Bonnie and Clyde.

Dear reader, look for truth. The nation you save may be your own!