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Honoring America’s Veterans Today

The American poet and philosopher George Santayana, gave us this quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The annals of history are filled with those who did not learn from their mistakes. One of the big problems facing America today is the belief that some how we are invincible and that military strength is not needed. That very attitude may prove our undoing. Following the fall of the Soviet Union and thus Communism, we began to downsize our military. Our downsizing motivated Iraq to invade his neighbors, resulting in the Persian Gulf War. It wasn’t long until we were ready to battle Saddam Hussein. Had the Gulf War occurred a decade earlier, we would not have been prepared militarily. Dear Reader, military strength deters aggression. If some who have been elected recently have their way, the military will be given sling shots and bows and arrows to defend America with, while they spend billions to bail out corporation’s whose executives have lived “High on the hog” and worthless parasites make their way to the post office to get their reward for doing naked nothing.

   The Clinton administration cut our military off at the knees, never to do the job properly. The U.S. Air force was 95 percent readiness in 1989, but by 2000 under Clinton it had slipped to 65 percent readiness. I fear the new administration will not be ready when the next war comes. Don’t be gullible! It will come. History is our witness.

   But there is something we have forgotten, those soldiers in years gone by who went to war, whether we were ready or not. Today we remember them. From Valley Forge to the streets of Iraq, men and women, some of them so young that they were just beginning to live, shed their blood for a cause- a cause that a liberal society doesn’t seem to understand. Today’s ill-informed generations will be tomorrow’s decision makers. God pity us and bless us.

   Walk through the hallowed burying grounds of your community, count the dead who paid the supreme sacrifice while defending the freedom we now enjoy. Those men and women didn’t die in vain. This goes for those died in Iraq to rid the world of the wicked Saddam Husseins. No nation is safe when a mad man is allowed to run rampant and commit wholesale murder of men, women and children.

   I’m an American, and will be one when I die, and I “ain’t” willing for a second government to be established in America to function side by side. This is the new push of the Muslims in America. They want a Muslim government to operate along with Democracy. Two governments in the USA, God Forbid! That would be like a rattlesnake being thrown into a barrel of chicken snakes, especially if it is a Muslim government.

Every time I see a flag drapped casket- American flag of course- I whisper a silent prayer for the one who wore the uniform of America. Soldiers past and present, including our great National Guard, I love you and thank you on this Veterans Day.