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May our Hearts be filled with Thanksgiving!

Tucked away at the end of Colossians 3:15 one will find these three final words: “Be ye thankful.”

Even if life doesn’t always go according to one’s preconceived idea of a good life, we should be thankful. Sometimes there are clouds, followed by rain, but seldom is there a time when we shouldn’t feel grateful, and express our thankfulness. I’m reminded of a little boy who was asked by his father to say grace at the table.  While the rest of the family waited, the little guy eyed every dish of food his mother had prepared. After the examination, he bowed his head and honestly prayed, “Lord, I don’t like the look of it, but I thank you for it, and I’ll eat it anyway. Amen”    The greatest of all this Thanksgiving is one for which we have been giving thanks for over two-thousand years-Christ Jesus. It is sad that the masses of the world do not recognize his greatness and actually try to suppress His influence and deny his divinity. Many of us aren’t surprised that a movement is being mounted today to silence the word of Jesus in prayers, in books, and in our culture in general. It is tragic that some who style themselves as teachers and preachers of the Bible hold up the hands of pagan politicians who reject Jesus as the sun of God. When one trades the name of Jesus for a crusading pagan politician, though he may have attempted to convince his neighbors of his love for Jesus, that person has admitted by his actions his insincerity and his hypocrisy.    Be thankful for Jesus! The world is better because of Him. And the soul is safe because of Him.    Be grateful for your family. None of them are perfect, including all of us, but life would be empty and lonely without them. If you have a family with whom you will have a Thanksgiving meal this year, then be grateful. Not all people will be that fortunate.    I’m thankful for my country. I love it and I abhor the thinking and actions of some who want to make the United States, Canada, and Mexico one. Have you noticed the label on beef recently? The label reads: “ A product of the United States, Canada and Mexico.” I know this is a law, but I suspect there is more to it than that. We are a great Nation, and we don’t need any other nations to make us great. I love America for her freedom of speech, religion and countless other blessings. We should resist vigorously any effort to rob us of our freedoms by changing the Constitution.      Have a great thanksgiving! Don’t forget to standup for Jesus, your family and America!