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Greed’s Destructive Power

The Lost Bone
There is a story in the Old Mc Duffy Reader of a dog which set out one day to find for himself a bone.

He came to a footlog across the stream, and crossed over to he other side. It wasn’t long until he came to a farm house where he found a nice juicy bone. Putting it in his mouth, he trotted off happily toward home. Upon coming back to the footlog, as he crossed, he passed and looked down. To his surprise, there was a dog in the creek with a huge bone in his mouth. Not realizing he was seeing his reflection, he jumped into get another bone. Greed cost him his lunch. One’s vocabulary isn’t sufficient to describe Greed’s destructive power.  But how about just limiting the descriptions the lost bone. You see, we’ve had it great in this country for years, but for many one bone wasn’t enough. A bigger house, another car, another vacation, keeping up with the Jones, bigger and more powerful unions calling for more pay and benefits for their members, until the bone was lost.
Facing a recession and a possible depression, politicians are asking, “What happened?” Well the answer is that you people lost the bone. You threw money away, took contributions from the unions to further their cause, sent our jobs to Mexico and China, and squandered tax payers dollars on worthless give-away programs and in so doing lost the bone. You lost the bone, STUPID. Then there was help from the CEO’s of corporations who wanted another bone- millions in salaries, flying around in expensive planes, playing golf in sunny South Pacific.
Greed! That’s what done it! The destruction isn’t over. We just need to brace ourselves and throw the bums out!