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Singing the Blues

There is pop music, country music, and the blues. Blues seems to be a favorite of the black people. I can understand this, for over the years many of them have suffered so much that it is understandable how and why they relate to the blues types of music. In a book entitled “ God of the Oppressed,” written by James H. Cone, the author has this bit of a blues song about when a woman cannot find her man, “The man I’ll marry ain’t been born yet, and his mammy’s dead.” A hopeless situation, right?

Well it seems that the black, the white, the red and the yellow are all singing the blues today. And do you know why? Because we are foolish enough to believe all the media hype. They’ve convinced us that we are going to starve to death tomorrow, if not before. So our people are singing the blues.
Let me tell those political freaks in Washington something, as well our city cousins, rural people have every reason to sing the blues, but one never hears of the near-sighted politicians in Washington wanting to help. They took all our jobs and sent them to Mexico and China, but not one word from them concerning help for the rural America. It is all about the city folks and the unions.
But let me remind you readers of an attribute of rural people that none can match. We have been run over, neglected, and called names, but we have survived. And do you know why? Tenacity is the answer. Bring our jobs back, and bring them back now. But a word to all the political thieves who have sold rural America down the tube, we’ll still be here when you bums are voted out of office.
As rural people, let’s stop singing the blues. The news media, in our effort to elect Obama has consistently painted a horrible picture of our economy, and the average Jane and Joe believers starvation is just around the corner. Make no mistake, any are suffering today, can’t find job’s, because Greedmangers in Mexico and China have sweet talked on so-called leaders into making them rich while others suffer, especially rural Americans.
When we have the opportunity, let’s help those who are suffering, and let’s put it on our agenda to help the greedy liberals out of office- the very people who have brought about this crisis. Trust God! Keep the powder dry! Incidentally, the whites, the blacks, the reds, the yellows, are all my brothers in a physical sense, and I’ll do all I can to help them, but those liberal democrats in Washington and those retarded Republicans are brothers to the devil, for their greed, political corruption, and lifestyle don’t match up with honest, hardworking rural America.