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The Erosion of America’s Heritage

Rudolph is Now Under Attack
Poor Rudolph! For years he has been the lead deer- pulling his sleigh millions of miles- loaded with toys- thrilling the hearts of multiplied millions of children, but now he is in danger of being banned from school, less American boys and girls become corrupted by this loving fictitious character of our culture.

Believe it or not, a Jewish lady has sued a North Carolina school board to ban Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer from her child’s school. She alleged that the reindeer is a symbol of Christmas, and Christmas is a symbol of Christ, and therefore is a violation of church and state. Why doesn’t this lady enroll her child in a private Jewish school? While she is doing it, she might teach her child a bit of American history- how thousands of America’s best young men and women died to free the Jews from the monster Hitler who was engaging in mass killings of good and harmless people.
If some liberal judge gets this case, then Rudolph and his herd of deer friends will be forced to become homeless deer, roaming from deer mission to deer mission, staying out of sight of children less their presence convert them to Christianity. What liberal garbage!
 I can visualize another lawsuit on the horizon. This time it will be filed against Grandma for singing from the front porch of her nursing home or assisted living home. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing to the sane. It is wrong in the eyes of the liberals and some immigrants, for you see, she is singing “ Amazing Grace,” and that exalts Christ and His name is offensive to Jews and Muslims. Their grounds for filing the lawsuit will be the fact that the home in which Grandma lives was partially built by a government loan on a grant, therefore, it would be a violation of church and state since she is singing from the front porch of a building made possible by federal funds. You see, some Jews or Muslims may hear Grandma and be offended.
Those who “go off in the head” when they hear the name of Christ, need to go back to where they came from. Their agenda may call for the eradication of the name of Jesus or Christ from America’s culture, but in my view, they are going to have a long wait. I’m just one of untold millions who “ain’t” about to bulge from our fight to silence the “fruitcakes” among us. Their only goal is to destroy our heritage and replace it with a world government and a world religion that is destitute of Christ; when the last pagan is gone, Christianity will still be alive and well, for right always wins.
Let me close this week’s viewpoints with a thought I heard recently, “ Life is a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once.” Dear reader, you have only one life spend it well.