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The Parable of the Coon and the Chameleon

It was fall of the year and Mr. Coon had climbed a tall hickory to reminface of his many years as speaker of the forest, “How can I possibly give up the power I’ve had for 10 these years?” he asked himself. It was then that Mr. Coon looked down, and lo and behold there was Mr. Chameleon, stretched out on a log beneath the hickory. “Well,” said Mr. Coon, “Mr. Chameleon is doing what he does best- changing his color to fit the environment.” Mr. Coon decided to make Mr. Chameleon a proposition, so he goes down the tree and calls out, “Mr. Chameleon, I want to talk over something with you.”  “Come on over” responds Mr. Chameleon.

So Mr. Coon, fat from the fall corn he had been eating from a farmer’s field, waddled over to the log where Mr. Chameleon was relaxing. “Mr. Chameleon,” said Mr. Coon, “how would you like to become speaker of the forest? You are good at changing your color to correspond, to the environment,” he continued. Besides, this would be an ego lift for you.” “Me, speaker of the forest, I can’t visualize it,” says Mr. Chameleon. “Well, it can be done, “says Mr. Coon. I’ve got the votes to put you in this powerful office. My dear friends, plus the squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, and other animals, will all vote the way I tell and in return, you will be asked only to practice your outstanding characteristic- changing our color to meet the situation.” To this Mr. Chameleon agreed. Now for the rest of the parable. Mr. Chameleon was made speaker of the forest. Some of the animals were elated, while others were in total shock. Some responded with ugly calls, while others ran to their hiding place to cry animal tears.
Now if you are wondering how to apply this parable to current political issues, then contact Mr. Speaker, he has an answer for every problem, and having no real convictions, he can change in the twinkle of an eye. Mr. Chameleon, in the lizard world, can change his color to be like the green plants of the forest. So can the unprincipled politicians change his colors to feather his own nest? And he does it too! It seems that a third party is emerging. We have the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and now the Chameleon Party, appearing in the political arena. Like the Democrats and the Republicans, the Chameleons will soon take to fighting among themselves, while ignoring the people who elected them.
About the sorriest spectacle we have in Washington, D.C. are the Democrats and Republicans who spend their time fighting each other and bailing out the rich who could care less about the middle class and the poor of Americans. While in Nashville Tennessee, the Coon has come down out of his tree and the Chameleon is now showing off his colors. If the citizens of our Country believe in prayer, then all need to begin praying.