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Liberal Democrats Versus God

It is apparent that the liberal Democrats don’t like God. Their latest attempt to silence God’s people is the resurrection of the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which was put to rest during the Regan years. By the Fairness Doctrine, they mean, among others, that of Christian Ministers teach by way of radio or television that Jesus Christ id the Son of God, then those who deny this must be given free time to rebut the Sonship of the Son of God on the radio or television stations on which it was heard. Freetime! Now if that isn’t an outrage, then I never heard of one.

Here is another one of the liberal Democrat’s insidious attacks on God. In the so-called stimulus package, which has passed, a restriction was entered that God can’t be spoken of or prayer be made in a building that was built with stimulus funds? Now, how does that grab you? If a hospital wing has been constructed with stimulus money, and a minister goes there to see a dying member and that minister is asked to have prayer, he can’t do it.
I call upon all Blue Dog Democrats to disfellowship their liberal counterpart, before they ruin their Democrat party. The Blue Dog Democrats are the conservative wing of Democrats party- the good guys. The liberal Democrats are the elite, the highly educated- which should be a blessing, but in their case education has turned them into fools who wants every person who can’t qualify for the elitist status to be under the thumbs of government. When we become beholden to government in every aspect of our lives, then we lose the freedom for which our forefathers sacrificed and died. Why hasn’t President Obama called for individual initiative to help us get out of our economic mess? The answer is simple- the believes that government must take charge of our lives, and that we look to government for all of our needs.
The thrust of Christianity is hostile to the liberal viewpoint which robs man of individual responsibility and places his needs in the hands of political crooks who don’t even pay their taxes. To the elderly, let me warn you- National health care is just around the corner. Those of us who are senior citizens are about to get creamed. Costly surgery will be denied to those on Medicare. The government will decide which surgeries senior citizens can have, with doctors being left out of decision making. Furthermore, surgeries that are approved for those on Medicare will be performed not by the surgeon of your choice, but the government’s choice. And there are some butchers out there who have the credentials to carve up innocent people. I have a 83 year-old friend in Tompkinsville who recently received a pig vowel, replacing his main heart vowel, and he is doing great. He was very healthy before surgery, with the exception of his heart vowel, and today he is strong and well. The liberals would not have approved this type of surgery, for it is too costly, they would claim.