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One of the most exciting stories to be found in the annals of sacred history is recorded in I Samuel 17.  A giant of a man, over nine feet tall, stood on a mountain calling out to the army of Israel which was on a nearby mountain, with a valley in between.  “I defy the armies of Israel,” this giant called out.  “If you aren’t afraid of me, come out and fight me,” he continued.  But his size and his booming voice frightened the Israelite soldiers, struck fear in their hearts.  No one, absolutely no one, dared fight the giant Goliath.

But this was soon to change, for the young man David, with fire stones in his shepherd’s bag and a sling, accepted Goliath’s challenge—met him on the field of battle and slew him.  With one stone, David killed the big man.  He went to him in the Name of God of Israel, and he killed the giant in God’s name.
All of us face giants, and the majority of these giants are of our own creation.  One of the giants facing many is the giant APATHY.  Webster defines apathy as “a lack of strong feeling…a lack of interest or concern.”  There is no bigger giant facing us than an apathetic family member, church member, or citizen.  Apathy destroys families, churches, and communities.  A don’t care attitude is as destructive as a violent temper.
    Look at the ancient prophet Jeremiah’s question concerning the apathetic spirit:  “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?” (Lamentations 1:12).  There was no city more favored than Jerusalem.  She was chosen by God.  And no city was more loved than Jerusalem.  Consequently, her overthrow brought grief that was equal to this love.  But not all grieved.  Jerusalem was now in ruin, but there were those who didn’t care.  Men looked upon her with their eye, but did not feel with the heart.  They didn’t care.  “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?”
    Sometimes I want to stand up, put my hands to my mouth, and cry out, “America, Christians, “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?”
    Is it nothing to you that America is in moral bankruptcy?  Do you cry out against the immorality of the day?  Or is it nothing to you?
    Is it nothing to you that babies are being ripped from their mother’s womb?  Do you cry out against it?  Or is it nothing to you?
    Is it nothing to you that crooks all across this nation are being elected to public office and thus are bringing down the wrath of God upon America?  Do you cry out against this?  Or is it nothing to you?
    Is it nothing to you that liberal preachers are leading the church away from sound doctrine and into apostasy?  Do you condemn this by standing for the truth?  Or is it nothing to you?
    What about it, dear reader, has apathy become the giant whom you need to conquer?  Your weapon is the Word of God.  Use it today or die from the giant of apathy tomorrow.
    Edmund Burke wrote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”