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    Be careful what you way, you could be showcasing your ignorance.  It isn’t just the liberal Democrats who have loaded the so-called Stimulus Bill with pork; forty percent can be traced back to liberal and unscrupulous Republicans who think more of their districts than they do America.  Millions to study foot odor; millions to study why swine manure smells (idiots); millions to preserve an endangered species of mice in Ca.; however, not one red cent for John and Jane Doe (names withheld), both whom have cancer and must survive on two social security checks totaling approximately twelve-hundred dollars.

I’m outraged at the stimulus Bill and all the bail outs of unworthy corporations.
    I’m outraged that some TVA employees are allowed to charge millions to credit cards for such things as televisions, alcohol, and tuitions (just to mention a few).
I’m outraged that President Obama and his liberal buddies are on a mission to re-distribute America’s wealth by taking from the productive and giving it to the parasites that have become pawns in the hands of liberal democrats.
    I’m outraged that President Obama and his elite and rich buddies want to establish National Health Care in America at the expense of the elderly who will be denied costly surgery and medicine to have money for those who never contribute a dime to their medical expenses.
    I’m outraged that the new administration is proposing energy policies that will cost the average household seven-hundred dollars per year.
    I’m outraged that the spending policies of President Obama will place burdens upon our children and grandchildren that they will not be able to bear.
    I’m outraged that our own Representative Bart Gordon voted for this wasteful spending package.
    Dear reader let me share with you what an unknown author wrote:  “Men and women become accomplices to those evils they fail to oppose.”  The current administration in Washington, D.C. is moving fast to take over our lives only the citizens of this country can preserve our freedoms and insure our children and grandchildren the quality lives we have enjoyed for years.  I’m not interested in a new America; No, I’m concerned about preserving our old America where everybody pulls his own weight and God is respected.