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Is the above about to happen?  No, it is already occurring.  The America we knew is rapidly changing, thanks to ignorant and corrupt politicians.  America is becoming interwoven with the economy, government, and religion of other nations.  As the result, our freedoms are threatened as never before

The new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who according to all reports had a problem with his own personal finances, is calling on the United States and other nations to offer billions to bail out economies in crisis by more government spending.  He wants to give billons more of our tax dollars to the International Monetary fund to the struggling nations.  It seems clear to me that we are presently a struggling nation with millions out of work, brought about by the policies of liberal Democrats and Republicans.  I thought charity was to begin first at home.
    Adding to Americas economic woes is the $410 billion omnibus spending bill that allegedly contains billions of dollars of political pork.  According to the news, 60 percent of the pork came from the Democrats and 40 percent from the Republicans.  And our own Senator, Lamar Alexander, voted for the bill.  He now takes his place with the other liberal from Tennessee, Bart Gordon.  They are both now in my black book, reminding me never to vote for either one of them again and to always campaign against them.  By the way, this bill gives federal judges a cost-of-living pay increase.  Furthermore, it provides funds for a voucher program for District of Columbia students to attend private schools.  Why didn’t the politicians include Tennessee and other states in making vouchers available for our students to attend private schools?  We all know the answer, don’t we?  Believe it or not, this bill also includes a ban on importing roosters, actually chickens, from China.
    Way to go, Lamar, Bart, Nancy, and all other world economy advocates and wasteful spenders.
    The White House is promoting a world religion by insisting that people who lead prayers to be non-sectarian.  Prayers must be written and viewed in advance.  In other words, no prayers in the name of Jesus, for this might offend the Muslim and Jewish populations, for they don’t believe in Jesus and the Son of God.  I do!  World religion is here.
    Set back and do nothing, my friend, and soon your freedoms will be gone.  I don’t want a world economy, world religion, or a world government.  I am an American just like it has been before the liberals decided to make it into a pagan nation, beholding to them for all of their needs.