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Duct Taping God

Do the enemies of God really believe that they can rid the world of Him by “Duct Taping” his name? Believe it or not, it happened recently in Mount Juliet Tennessee at the Lakeview Elementary School, where some children had tacked a poster board on the wall which read, “God Bless America”. The Alliance Defense Fund contends that Lakeview’s Principal, Stan Moss, Assistance Principal, Hettie Allgood, and Director of Schools, Mike Davis, forced the students to cover up reference to God on the poster including “In God we trust” and “God bless the USA”. If students can write about God, and according to court rulings in the past they can, then why can’t the words God be used on a poster? If students can read about God in their text books, then why can’t they make reference to him on a poster board?

It isn’t any wonder that today’s children are growing up with little knowledge of God. Schools have become instruments in the hands on atheists, liberal educators, and Muslims to eradicate knowledge of God from our Culture. Tragically, very few are opposing them in their ignorant efforts to produce a godless society. Let it be know to all that those of us who believe in God and in America have had enough and that we are now shifting into high gear to oppose those who are trying to put God out of American life by attacking that faith of our little children. Duct t ape God, but He will still be here. He is omnipresent. God-haters can’t rid America, or the world, of Him.  And those of us who believe in Him aren’t going to roll over and play dead.  The Psalmist David says God is everywhere (Psalm 139; 7-12) and that we can’t get away from Him.
Duct taping God won’t do it.  Maybe we need to file law suits against those who are attempting to deny God fearing people freedom of expression and who are trying to use our public school systems to establish a pagan culture.
Duct tape God all you enemies of the Almighty, but when you’ve bought all the duct tape stories of America, and you have duct taped every reference to Him, them rest assured that He will still be around, watching after His people and intervening in the affairs of the world for the good of humankind.
Weak-kneed educators aren’t doing us any good.  If public schools are going to be used to destroy America’s value system, then just maybe we need to go the private route to educate our children.