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Seizing and Dismantling Private Property and Businesses

Will the House and Senate give the Obama administration the authority to seize private owned business when it appears that the companies are in financial jeopardy? The Secretary of Treasury is coveting that power.  What he is requesting is unconstitutional, but it seems that the Constitution has been discarded to expand the Federal Government. Otherwords, if the Feds believe a bank, small or large, a business of any type, including a farm, isn’t financially sound, then it would be taken over, leaving its owners in the lost column.

Maybe I’ve been wrong, but I thought that it was the free enterprise system that has made America great. I’m my opinion, it has been the very thing that has made America the envy of other nations. Now, however, people won’t be eager to pool their resources, borrow additional capital to begin a bank or another type of business for fear the liberal administration will sweep down upon them, takeover their business, leaving them bankrupt. Remember, only the “big shots” are bailed out. The “little shots” are left to “root hog or die.” If fact, they won’t even get welfare as the terrorists have. The elderly are rocking in their rockers… can’t get their prescription filled; the unemployed are having to made do with a little unemployment check; whereas the terrorists get food cards, health cards and rent subsidy.
The politicians can’t even run the government, but now they are wanting to run all of America’s businesses. The Secretary of Treasury forgot to pay his own taxes, but now he wants to set himself up as some kind of economic god to birddog our free enterprise system. Destroy the free enterprise system, and the depression the liberals have been talking about will indeed occur.
Free enterprise now and forever! No take over by the liberal Democrats! No world government! No world religion! America, now and as long as God permits this world to stand, and I did use the word God. And I don’t condone those who “duct tape” His name.