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Taking Back America Now!

Our forefathers never dreamed that one day their descendents would give away the America they built into a glorious Nation of freedom, opportunity, and strength. God received top priority in their plans, and from there they carved out of a wilderness a Nation that was to become they envy of the world-a Nation that would cause the downtrodden, and the suppressed to want to come here. But liberal and godless minds have launched a mission to change the United States, yea, the entire world into one big world economy, world government, and world religion, in which liberal and godless elite rule. While the rest of us look to them for our survival. And with this goes our freedom.
The know-it-all elite are bailing out the rich at the expense of the poor taxpayers of this country. Jesse James robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. The administration is robbing from the poor with higher taxes while bailing out the rich. Meanwhile “grandma’s cupboard” remains empty while the liberal corporation’s executives receive bonuses large enough to chock an elephant to death.

What has happened to the Biblical principle where every able bodied person worked and pulled his own weight- a principle that our forefathers believed in and practiced. The first step to taking back America is taking back God and the rules His Book has laid down for humankind to go by- yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
The next step in taking Back America is taking back the moral climate which the liberals and godless have turned into a cess-pool of sin.  Anything goes for the sake of being politically correct. A nation without morals isn’t going to survive, for we have already proven that from Proverbs 14:34 more, than once, but in as much as some have missed it, lets see it again: Righteousness exalted a Nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Killing babies is not acceptable to God and to God-fearing people, though it may be called by another name to soften this barbaric practice. Homosexuality and same sex marriage can’t be put under the umbrella of political correction or individual rights where the liberals stick envy immoral practice known to humankind. Those who attempt to Duct Tape God and His morals will one day beg for a bottle of water to cool their burning tongue, but the convient mart, along with all the other stores and even the Nation’s Capital will be closed for the day the masses believed would never happen. That’s right, the Day of Judgment- the time when every liberal who gave away our great nation, every doctor who killed a little baby, and every Joe who married up with every Tom and called it an alternate lifestyle, and every crooked politician will stand before God to be judged. It happened. That’s why the stores, the school houses, the hospitals, and Washington, D.C were all closed down. God has a message for us in Romans 15:9.
The next step in taking back America is to stop “tip-toeing” through the political arena for fear of offending the liberals and the godless while all the time we are offending God. I’d much rather offend those who want to do away with our freedoms and turn this Country into a Nation in which all immorality is accepted, at least for them, then to offend God. Here is a warning from our Creator: “I hate every false way” (Psalms 119:104). The Apostles have taught us how to react in the face of error in Acts 5:17-29.
Now is the time to act! While we talk about it, but do nothing about it, our freedoms are being eroded by those who want a new America. Our value system is being destroyed, and with it our children and grandchildren.