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“It’s Sunday morning again folks, and it is time for us to take God out of His box,” speaks the liberal preacher, who is more concerned with political correctness than he is spiritual correctness. “He spends all week here,” he continues, “and now we must pay homage to His rich heritage,” whatever that means. So the word that is forbidden throughout the week is now activated by his faithless and fruitless first cousin of a society.

For a few minutes on Sunday morning, God is portrayed as a healer of all of man’s maladies, with the exception of sin which is denied as existing, but is soon placed back in His political and cultural box which was fashioned and made by minds who refuse to retain God in their knowledge, with the exception of a few minutes Sundays. Less the gods of men be offended, he must be kept in His box throughout the week.
I’m reminded of a cartoon which depicts a family driving out of a church parking lot, with a small boy pictured hanging out of the window. He shouts: “Good-bye, God, we’ll see you next Sunday!” Sadly, this attitude is not the exclusive territory of a child. Many adults have it too. Many view Christianity as a one-day-per-week involvement.
I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Christianity is not a seasonal thing. It is a twenty-four hour per day, seven days per week commitment. Christianity is a daily religion, and the God of Christianity cannot be confined to a box to prevent Him or us from offending some brain-washed liberal, political zealot, or cultural misfit.
Those who want to keep God in a box, because they’ve been told by the enemies of Christianity (conscious and unconscious enemies) that separation of church and state demands it all totally ignorant of the early history of Christianity. For example, Paul was taken by some of the Athenians to the Areopagus where he was asked to preach the doctrine of Christ. Guess what? The Greek government functioned from the Areopagus. Guess what? Paul spoke. He didn’t say, “Oh, I can’t, Gamaliel taught me about the separation of church and state.”
My friend, you can join the “box crowd,” if you choose, but one day you will be sad you did. Oh, I forgot to mention it, these intellectual Doofuses just think that they can box God. The most they can hope to do is frighten His “puny faith” followers.