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Please read and consider carefully the following viewpoints. The truth is, they are not really viewpoints. They are facts. Read it and weep. The freedom you save may be your own. Former President George Bush and Congress established Home Land Security for the express purpose of protecting this Nation from Muslim terrorists, and for the following four years we had not one terrorist incident in the United States. But Home Land Security has apparently decided to go in another direction.

Don’t ever say, “I’ve heard it all,” for more unbelievable “squirrelly” ideas may be in the making. Now if you don’t understand the term “squirrelly” just get up with me and I’ll teach you this good country word. I was watching television, Fox News, Wednesday night when it was flashed on the screen shocking news from Home Land Security concerning what this now dufus bunch of liberals have listed as possible groups who may join the ranks of the terrorists. Guess who they are? HLS calls them the radical right because they oppose abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, money gifts to the liberal big boys and their companies and banks. This gets a lot of us who go to church every Sunday, for we believe what the Bible says on all of the above- that they are sinful! But freedom of religion and freedom of speech, the bedrock of the Constitution, is in danger of being curtailed by the liberal movement in this Country. To believe the above to be wrong and sinful doesn’t make those of us who are conservation to be the radical right. True, we are to the right of the wimpy liberals and pagans, but not radical. What is radical is killing babies, condoning sexual perverts, and wasting tax dollars.
But the above is just the tip of the iceberg, for HLS has identified our men and women returning from the two wars in the Middle East as possible recruits for the terrorists. The American Legion is fighting mad, and they have a right to be, and so am i.
I wonder how many million the HLS spent paying egg-head psychologists to identify groups who might join up with the terrorists?
Mr. Liberal, whoever and wherever you are, the radical person is not one with the Constitution in his hand, but the radical Muslim with a bomb in his hand.
Mr. Alexander, Mr. Corker, Mr. Gordon, all three of you are politicians, and you are in positions to stop such nonsense in Washington, or at least try. Remember, your offices aren’t permanent. I’m sure all politicians have been watching the Ten Parties throughout America, for each one of them is sending a message; “Americans will not stand by idly and allow their freedoms to be taken from them and replaced by big government, which is a dictatorship in the making.
I always look forward to receiving the monthly Tennessee Magazine from Tri-County, and this month’s issue reminds us that Andrew Johnson was a much greater President then given credit by the politicians and the historians. Before he died, Johnson said that when he was dead he would need “No softer pillow than the Constitution and no warmer blanket than the American flag.” Because of this, Tennessee Magazine says, “America’s 19th president is buried with his head resting on his copy of the Constitution and his body wrapped in an American flag.” Let’s hope some liberal in Congress doesn’t submit legislation to dig up President Johnson and retire the Constitution and flag, thinking they haven’t decayed. Do you think Burney Frank would vote for it?
Incidentally, to the lady in Sumner County who has espoused liberalism and who can’t stand my conservative viewpoints, but who keeps reading them just the same, may I suggest you stop watching CNN and turn on Fox News for the truth. Lies get us nowhere.