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In decades past, when one had a bit of secretive information to share, he might share it, then say to the person with whom he shared it, “Don’t let the cat out of the bag.” Too often that cat managed to escape, much to the pleasure of inquisitive ears. “The cat is out of the bag” in today’s political arena. Nothing would suit the liberal politicians of this age more than to hide their agenda from the general public. Even with the assistance of the liberal networks like NBC and CBS, “the cat gets out of the bag.” We owe a debt of gratitude to Fox News for their relentless efforts to keep the general population informed of the liberals and their clandestine methods of doing business.

“The cat is out of the bag” on so-called National Health Care; National Health Care is sorry no matter where it is funded. We know now, it leaked out recently, if National Health Care becomes a reality in America, the Federal Government will tell a person which doctor he will see and which hospital he will be allowed to go to. No more expensive heart surgeries for the elderly. “Too costly,” the senior citizens will be told. Only those who can pay will receive costly medical care. The rest will suffer and die.
“The cat is out of the bag” as to the kind of person who will be appointed to the Supreme Court. The News Media says that it will be one who will boost liberal causes, such as abortion, immigration and gay rights. We were taught in school that the Supreme Court’s responsibility was to uphold existing laws in the light of the Constitution, but apparently the Constitution doesn’t matter to the present liberal administration. President Obama wants a judge who can feel for people, not one who strictly follows the Constitution that has kept this Country great for years. Will you write the elected officials who represent you in Washington and express your concern? The freedom you save may be yours.
“the cat is out of the bag” with regard to the use of God’s name in public schools. We’ve been led to believe by the ACLU and liberal democrats that God could not be mentioned in public schools, including His name appearing on posters and bulletin boards in schools, but this past week U.S. District Court Judge Robert Echols ruled that is not correct, that God can’t be banned from posters. Thanks be to God for Judge Echols decision. And thanks for the parents who brought the lawsuit that resulted in his decision. If we were more militant in our opposition to the liberal movement of the ACLU, liberal educators, and liberal Democrats, the effort to silence God in America would be all but stopped. Wear you T-shirt with “God Bless America” on the front as well as you cap. Don’t be a chicken! And we shouldn’t be afraid to file a lawsuit when our freedom of religion and freedom of speech comes under fire by the anti-God and anti-American pagans.