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Running Down America

I’m appalled at the number of liberal Democrats who are running down America. I’m reminded of the old country music song which says of those who were talking evil about this country, “If you don’t love it, leave it.” After all, the borders are open between the United States and Mexico. The liberals know that, for they are the ones who want a wholesale movement of immigrants to this country, knowing they can count on their votes. But what will happen when illegal immigrants outnumber the rest of us, including the liberal Democrats and some fat cat Republicans? What is even more distressing is our own President who ran down America when he was in France. What the power should have said in response is this; “Look Mr. President, it was your nation that delivered us from the German armies during World War II, and many of the American soldiers who defended us died in so doing and are buried here in French soil. I’ll pray for our President, but how can I respect him when he runs down the Country I love so much and has been so good to me?

The War in America is Raging
The war on terrorism is war that we must win for the future of our country. But there is a second  war is going on in America, that is, in my viewpoint, even more dangerous. It is a battle for the control of the minds of our citizens. We are engaged in a war over the concepts of right versus wrong and good versus evil. One side supports the “No Rules” society. They believe this kind of society to be a free society. They say that man is his own authority. They argue that there is no absolutes. They say there is no right and wrong. They maintain that sex is nothing more than a biological function. They claim that morality is whatever one decides it to be at the moment.
The “No Rules” society see abortion as a women’s right to chose, homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle that should be taught to your children in public schools. A bill is now making its way through the halls of the U.S. Congress that may very well keep preachers from denouncing the above sins. The ACLU favors the “No Rules” society.
It remains to be seen whether the rest of us will rise up in opposition to the efforts of the liberals to destroy the foundations on which America has been built and has remained strong.
America will not survive if its future is based upon the power of government. It will endure only upon the capacity of humankind for selfgovernment. When government takes over every aspect of our lives, as the current administration is D.C. is attempting, then our freedoms are gone.