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1.    Avoid riding in automobiles because they are responsible for 20% of all fatal accidents.
2.    Do not stay home 17% of all accidents occur in the home.
3.    Avoid walking on streets or sidewalks because 14% of all accidents occur to pedestrians.
4.    Avoid traveling by air, rail, or water because 16% of all accidents involve these forms of transportation.
5.    Of the remaining 33%, 32% of all deaths occur in hospitals. Above all else, avoid hospitals.
6.    You will be pleased to learn that only .001% of all deaths occur in worship services of the church, and these are usually related to previous physical disorders. Therefore, logic tells us that the safest place for you to be at any given point in time is at worship!
         Bible study is safe too. The percentage of deaths during Bible study is even less than worship.
        Attend church services and study your Bible….IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.

A man waking out of a deep sleep answered the phone: “You have the wrong idiot, you number.”

A women driver had just backed into a tree, and she turned to her friend and said, “I’m getting so I just despise reverse!”

You may have missed the news report that told of a five year old Texas boy who was accidentally left behind at a Nashville, Tennessee, service station by his family. He had gotten out of the family van to use the rest room. Meanwhile, his family drove West on I-40 toward home. It was two hours later in Jackson, Tennessee, when they realized that Tyler was missing. When the family was finally reunited, the boy hugged his mother and told her, “I’m never going to the bathroom again!”