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Global Prayer

The word “global” has become one of the most used words in the 21st century. We hear of global economy, global government, and some want a global religion (but not Christianity), while others worry about a so-called global warming.

It occurred to me recently that we need to be thinking about global prayers. The old man’s prayer, “Lord, bless me and my wife, our son John and his wife, us four and no more,” was hardly a global prayer.
The Apostle Paul urged Timothy to teach others to pray for all men, especially those in authority (1 Tim 2: 1,2). There are over 6 billion people upon earth. It would not be acceptable to pray just for ourselves. We are bound to love all men, and therefore pray for their welfare.
The Nations of the earth need our prayers. We need to pray for all Nations, not just America, our prayers must be characterized by perseverance. The world may be in a mess, but God can handle it. We must keep on praying. I once read a story of a man by the name of Edmond Gravely, who died at the controls of his small plane while on the way to Statesboro, Georgia, from the Rocky Mount- Wilson Airport in North Carolina. His wife, Janice, kept the plane aloft for two hours. She radioed for help, she kept saying, “Help, help, won’t somebody help me? My pilot is unconscious.” The authorities who picked up her distress signal were not able to reach her by radio during the flight because she kept changing channels. However, she made a rough landing and had to crawl for almost an hour to a farmhouse for help.
How often people cry out to God for help but switch channels before His message comes through. They turn to other sources for help, looking for human guidance. When you cry out to God for His intervention, don’t switch channels.
I have very little confidence in global economy, and I have no desire to be a part of a global government or global religion, and I believe global warming is a political stunt designed to feather the nest of a washed out politician, but I do have faith in global prayer.