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America’s greatest treasure is our youth. However, there has never been a generation of young people in modern times with a greater cloud of bleakness overshadowing them as the youth of today. Many of them can’t qualify for college, thanks mainly to the laws of Johnny-come-lately politicians. A large number of those who can, can’t afford to go. And among those who go, many wonder if they will be able to get a job. Too, if they get a job, will they be able to keep it for the duration of their work years? Young people are highly skeptical about beginning a family, because many before them have left a pattern of failure. The ability to pay for a house and make it on one’s own has been jeopardized by ruthless politicians whose economic policies have blessed everybody but America’s youth. Politicians think more illegal young immigrants than they do native born young people. A bleak future, you bet!

Young people of today can, and they must, rise to meet every challenge and refuse to become a downtrodden generation at the hands of greedy, coreless adults. Education is a must. An education that won’t allow young people to be better prepared for jobs in today’s tough world isn’t worth pursuing. Most of the job’s in the years ahead will be in technical fields, and for this reason, young people must take advantage of all the technical education available to them.
I’m not sure where I gleaned the following, but here is some good advise for every young person.
That a man’s habits are mighty hard to change after he is twenty-one.
That a harvest depends on the seeds sown.
That things worthwhile require time, patience, and work.
That you cannot get something for nothing.
That value of absolute truthfulness.
The folly of not taking other people’s advice.
That what my mother wanted me to do was right.
That dad wasn’t an old fogey after all.
More of the helpful and inspiring messages of the Bible.
The greatness of the opportunity and joy of serving a fellowman.
That Jesus Christ wants to be my Savior and Friend.