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Leave it to the liberal Democrats to come up with new taxes. But they’ve really outdone themselves in their latest scheme to find more taxes fir their liberal treasury. It seems that pollution and global warming have become their number one concern, and that they aim to hold all responsible who “contribute” to it.

But taxing cows, that blows my mind. Here is how the liberals arrived at the ingenious decision to discuss taxing each cow in America. Some little squeaky liberal, sitting in the back of the room, stood up and gave a brief analysis of his recent research project which had to do with a burping cow. He counted the number burps coming from an average cow, multiplied that by the number of cows in America, then calculated the possible pollution and heat coming from each cow burp and decided that cows contribute pollution and to global warming. Therefore, a cow tax must be levied on the farmer for each of his cows.
Come on guys. I’ve got some ocean front property in Red Boiling Springs- do you want to buy it?
Can’t you see the cows are saying, “Excuse me!”