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Corrupting Power Unmasked

Generally speaking, communities do not corrupt a nation; instead, the nation corrupts communities.  As a nation goes, so do the communities.  Television has been a corrupting power.  So has many of the other means of modern communications.  Without doubt, though, government from D.C. on down to the local courthouse and even the city hall has been responsible for much of the deceptive and corruption that has spread across this country like wildfire. 

The idea of murdering little babies, condoning homosexuality and same sex marriage, along with the belief that socialism is the answer to poverty and ignorance, originated in the minds of elite liberal Democrats who believe the average person isn’t capable of caring for himself.  These are the same people who came up with the notion of the cow tax, claiming a cow burp pollutes the environment and contributes to global warming.
We enjoy today one of the best health care systems of any nations upon earth.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration is seeking to turn our system of care into another England or Canada where one is placed on a list for surgery, and if elderly, it is denied.  
The ignorant and the disciples of the liberal movement have come to believe that only by rationing healthcare can American afford a “little” medical care for everybody.  Corrupting minds is how the strong overcome the weak.  The weak become blind followers of the blind.   But it may be that some who have been deceived are beginning to see the light.  It takes kittens nine days for their eyes to open.  It often takes years for those who
have been blinded by liberal propaganda to get their eyes open.  One thing, more often than any other has opened the eyes of many.  The Obama administration intends to fine any family with fines of more than a $1,000 who refuse to get insurance coverage under the federal legislation.
Imagine, people who can’t, or either don’t apply for coverage, will be fined, but most won’t be able to afford even the most inexpensive insurance.  The problem, you liberal doofuses, is people are out of jobs (10% unemployment under the new administration), and those who have jobs aren’t paid enough to keep soul and body together.  By the way, the billion dollars given to the rich by Obama would have created thousands of jobs in America if properly used.  And Mr. Gordon, if you vote for this dumb health package, then I hope the voters will bring you home to stay.  If you vote against it, then you have my best wishes.
There are three kinds of Democrats; Liberal Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, and Yellow Dog Democrats.  Now the Blue Dog Democrats can be trusted and I’ve voted for them in the past, but Liberal Democrats are untrustworthy and are enemies of our heritage.  Now the Yellow Dog Democrats bark, but they have no backbone, for they write letters of criticism, but are chickens to sign their name.
Now there are three kinds of Republicans: Fat Cat Republicans, Conservative Republicans, and Weak-Kneed Republicans.  I vote for the Conservative Republicans.  
Yes, I vote for some Blue Dog Democrats and Conservative Republicans.  My final place is this; Take your blinders off and you will be able to see the light.