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We’ve heard it for years, and it is no less uttered today than in past generations. It is nearly always heard from the lips of a coward, or else one whose chief motivation is that of fulfilling the wants of the outward man instead of meeting the needs of the inward person. The cry is heard, “Look out for number one, or else you will capsize your boat and perish in the sea of your convictions.”

Don’t rock the boat!” Advises the mediocre church member to “his” preacher, pr “else you will offend someone, run somebody off.” Brother Mediocre wants a watered down brand of Christianity, destitute of any real admonitions or reproofs. The problem with that brand of preaching is that it lacks the truth which sets men free.
“Don’t rock the boat!” declares the liberal socialite to the journalist. “Let people do what they want to do; dress-up sin so it will look respectable. Call social drinking and gambling progress, and label those who oppose them as “dumb hillbillies” who are so narrow-minded that their ears touch.”
Don’t rock the boat!” says the corrupt politician to his blind political followers. “Make sure you are always politically correct. Nothing else matters.” Thank God for men like U.S.  Senator Zell Miller, a Democrat from Georgia who just last week condemned in a speech the corrupt liberals politicians of America who are leading Americans in the wrong direction. Here is hoe Senator Miller concluded: “For I truly believe that at times like this, silence is not golden, it is yellow.”
Our forefathers didn’t belong to a spineless tribe of compromisers, but to a sturdy stock, a fearless clan whose ambition was to carve out of a wilderness a rewarding life for life for both themselves and prosperity. They were not afraid to “rock the boat,” both in the church and in society. But little did they realize that one day their descendants would trade the truth socially, politically, and spiritually for a “mess of pottage.”
As for me, I’ll rock the boat when it needs to be rocked and just maybe some of the faithless, the immoral and the political garbage will spill out of the boat. I’d rather a few people be offended than the minds and hearts of the masses of our citizens be polluted with guiltless and godless lifestyles that leaves our young people without a worthy example.