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The above caption appeared in an impressive ad presented by Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles in which the following question was asked: “ Has the touch of liberty gotten a little dimmer?” it took up and entire page, and if it wasn’t too old to ride a motor cycle, I think I might be motivated to purchase one. The ad was that good. Some of the statements in the ad has caused me to think more about our liberties. I especially reflected on the statement0: “Freedom Ain’t Quiet.”

“Freedom ain’t quiet.” It wasn’t quiet when Paul Revere rode his horse through the streets of Boston calling out, “the British are coming, the Bristish are coming.” It wasn’t quiet at Valley Forge, or on the Beach Heads of Normady, or more recently in the streets of Iraq, just to mention a few.
Even if freedom isn’t in jeopardy, it is still not quiet, for grateful Americans are shouting the praises of being free. Listen, can’t you hear it? Young men and women have shed their blood that the noise of freedom might be heard, not only in America, but in every nation where it’s people are suppressed and lack the freedom we sometimes take for granted. They know, and that is why they want to come here.
All it will take for puny, pitiful politicians to bring this nation to its knees is for its people to keep quiet. And for those of us who live in the United States, enjoying the blessings of freedom, and for us to keep quiet when it is threatened, is, in opinion, an oxymoron. John McCain and Larmar Alexander are too quick to do battle with the liberals. Wars are not won by diplomats, but by soldiers who are not afraid to engage their enemy.
No where is the crosion of our freedom more noticeable than in the war on religions freedom. The radio czar, appointed by President Obama, intends to curtail the messages of the radio talk show hosts and preachers. The Constitution of the United States is clear about our religious rights. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Let the liberals know, including the ACLU, NBC and CBS, and the liberal Obama administration that we will not give up any of our freedoms so the secularists and socialists can establish their  anti-God policies throughout America.
It’s time for all Americans to wake up, and fight this war for our country’s heritage. And we must fight it, not with sticks and stones, but with the Constitution, the Bible and prayer. Folks, “freedom ain’t quiet.”