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President Obama plans to give all federal employees a two percent cost of living increase. This may amount to as much as a thousand dollars per year for some of the employees. But things aren’t too rosy for senior citizens. One of the Presidents czars (and I refuse to capitalize the “c”) has repeatedly stated that those receiving social security will not get a cost of living increase in their social security check for two years. Furthermore, social security checks may even be less, for it seems that there is going to be an increase in health insurance premium for those who are on Medicare. No matter how you view it, senior citizens are getting “skunked.” Obama said he would make some changes, and he is keeping his word.

Liberal Democrats and Fat Cat Republicans are the enemies of senior citizens. The stimulus money went to the friends of the politicians, not elderly. Senior Citizens vote and we need to come out in large numbers for the next election. It doesn’t matter if it is a local election, state election or a federal election, if the person running for an office supports the current liberal movement- a movement that is robbing this nation of its heritage and sending it into bankruptcy, then we need to keep the bums out. They don’t love this country, and they don’t love the underdog, and they fooling no one but themselves. Obama could have given every social security recipient a thousand dollars a month increase in his or her check with the money that has been wasted on hair-brain projects, such as the junk car for a new car madness.
At a college job fair, a man bumped into one of his school’s guidance counselors. “I can’t seem to find a career that intrigues me,” he said.
“What are your interests?” he asked
“I like to take things apart,” the man said,
“but I hate putting them back together.”
“Son,” replied the advisor, “you ought to consider politics.”