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The following headlines should capture the attention of every senior citizens:
1.    Medicare Recipients to Receive No Cost of Living Increases for Two Years;
2.    Social Security Checks May Be Less Next Year One to an Increase In Medicare Insurance;
3.    500 Billion Dollars To Be Taken Out of Medicare Fund and Given to The New Government Insurance for The Uninsured;
4.    Political Counselors will Discuss The Options with Senior Citizens Who May Be Ill;

Senior citizens who voted for Obama shot themselves in the foot. He is a socialist and a big government is his first love. A government that can’t manage the Post Office, F.D.I.C, Social Security and countless other programs won’t be able to manage health care for it’s people.
The liberal networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC should take down their signs and advertise as funeral homes for they are buying all of the philosophies and activities of Obama’s left-wing radical czars. They won’t tell the truth about health care. Neither will they tell the truth about the radicals Obama has surrounded himself with, including czar Van Jones, who resigned last week. He is a self-avowed communist. Did Obama know that when he appointed him?
I believe President Obama wants the American people to all have insurance, but taking it away from the majority to give to the minority isn’t improving health care for all, it is penalizing those who’ve worked to have insurance coverage for themselves. And what really arouses my anger about Obama’s plan is his intentions of provide health care insurance for illegal immigrants. I’m tired of our own people doing without while the government doles out the loaves and fishes for foreigners who are here illegally.
Some think so! On Friday and Saturday last week, following the Thursday night city council meeting, some local citizens dubbed John Wells, city attorney for RBS, as czar Wells for his efforts to thrown out the city charter which has governed the city for over fifty years and to replace it with a new one, my part in this controversy is simple: Why are they wanting to discard the present Charter and replace it with a new one? I guarantee there is a motive behind it. What is it?