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The problem of bullying in schools is nothing new. It is as ancient as the concept of education. For various reasons, none of them good, boys and girls have bullied each other. Obese students, ugly students, students with handicaps, students of a different race, and even students who excel, are often the favorite target of the bully.

The bully, according to my understanding of psychology, has a sever character flaw and is in need of counseling. However, there are those, perhaps unaware, who provoke the bully, students are sure to motivate the bully to action. A little humility is good for all of us, and that includes students.
Parents should never allow their children to grow up bullying other children. If they do, then one day when their children are grown, they will experience “the rooster coming home to roost. Negatives beget negatives.
Furthermore, parents children who are being bullied should call this problem to the attention of the educator who supervise them. It was my experience during the 30 years I was a counselor in grades 7-12 that almost all student, when confronted with this problem, would result in the bully discontinuing this ugly practice and the one who was being bullied would forgive his or her fellow student. The biggest problem was when the parents refused to drop the matter. Too many parents want to live their lives over in their children. Bullying is against both the state and federal laws and could result in the one who does it of being disciplined severely.
Life is too short for our children to grow up thinking that bullying is acceptable. It isn’t in children, and neither is it in adults.
What is also true, and I’ve witnessed it numerous times over the years- There are usually two sides to almost every fuss. Let children be children, but let adults be mature.
But there is also a message for all adults from Washington, D.C. to little hamlet of R.B.S. and the small towns of Westmoreland and Portland- citizens want be bullied by unwase and ego driven elected officials. As I write these viewpoints, citizens of America are meeting in own halls and marching in the streets in protest of the efforts, of political bullies who are attempting to rant down the throats of Americans philosophies that have failed throughout the world and will fail in our country. The American people will not be bullied into accepting the unacceptable.