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America’s Debt – Reckless Government Spending to Blame

America’s total national debt is more than the total national debt incurred during the first 200 years of the Republic. We owe more than $4,700 for every man, woman and child in the United States. September normally records a surplus, but recent treasury figures shows that the government spent $46.6 billion more than it took in and that increased the shortfall ending September 30th to $1.42 trillion.

Economists warn that unless America gets a handle on her soaring indebtness at once, then the USA is headed for a major economic crisis. It is predicated by the experts that the federal government will be spending 15 percent of its money by 2019, just to pay interest on what it owes.
The liberals have done it to us, and we’ve stood back and allowed it to happen. When Bart Gordon voted for the stimulus bill, he voted to plunge the United States further in debt. The same can be said of Republican Lamar Alexander. Either we clean house in D.C., getting rid of liberal Democrats like Gordon and liberal fat cat Republicans like Alexander, or else they will get rid of our way of life.

Our own counties in Tennessee need to take note of reckless spending. Most counties have twice the employees they had ten years ago, while the population has doubled. Our small towns are also spending right and left, with no view of a day of reckoning. Pay day comes folks. No where is there more careless spending than in education-directed by both the federal and state governments, who are running the show instead of local school systems. When another depression occurs as the result of wild spending, then just maybe us voters will take note of incompetent elected officials from the City Hall to the Oval Office, and do something to return our nation to a common sense economy.
Liberal Democrats, fat cat Republicans, bah humbug.

If Senator Alexander continues to show the wisdom and courage that he manifested last week in his warning to President Obama, then I may have to forgive him for voting for the stimulus package, but only on the condition that he admits his error. Senator Alexander was on target for warning Obama that he was following in the path of Richard Nixon in making an “enemies list” of people who disagree with him. Senator Alexander, you did good. Some of Obama’s friends need to tell him that this is still America, and that freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, and that we aren’t going to let anybody change it.

Thank you Governor Bredesen for opposing Obama’s health care reform. You are right, it will plunge Tennessee and the other states so far in debt that only a miracle (and they have ceased) could save us. Thank you!