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The Massacre at Fort Hood

Neither tongue nor pen can express the sadness in my heart for the victims and families that died at Fort Hood at the hands of a radical Muslim. Try as hard as they may, the liberal media cannot divorce radical Islam from Hasan, and the influence it wielded upon him as he called upon the name of Allah and then killed thirteen innocent soldiers in cold blood. No, he was not stressed out, he was psyched out by Allah, which drove him to murder American soldiers, who were going to war against his Muslim brethren. He was as much a terrorist as he pulled the triggers of the two pistols he used to slaughter those good Americans as the Muslims who high-jacked planes on 9/11 and flew them into the World Trade Centers and into the Pentagon killing over three thousand Americans.

Make no mistake, the radical Muslims care absolutely nothing for our way of life, and the so-called moderate Muslims can apologize for Hasan’s actions from now to doom’s day, but everyone of them has a copy of the Koran-the Muslim Bible, which advocates violence against the infidels, and that’s us, according to them.

The liberals can claim Islam is harmless, but ask the families of those who have died at the hands of radical Muslims and a different story will be told.

Lost and Found Treasure Could Become An albatross Around the Neck of Santa

Gentlemen, look out for that lost and found treasure, almost eight-hundred-thousand-dollars could become an albatross around the neck of Santa, if loaded into his sled and is given away as a Christmas present. That is, if it’s given to some while others are left out. Fellows, the best way to commit political suicide in Macon County is to show favoritism. It will be a mistake and it will be wrong to play Scrooge with the Macon County teachers. They too work for Macon County. Now I may be advising the powers that be unwisely, but I seriously doubt it.

Why not buy two new buses for the school system, or perhaps pay it on the county indebtedness.

Honoring Our Veterans

Wednesday is a very special day-the day we honor our veterans for their service to the greatest country upon God’s earth-America the Great. Words cannot express how much these brave men and women have meant to our country. While some today would like to rob us of our liberties and our freedoms, calling themselves Americans, they look like miserable hypocrites when measured by the brave men and women who have and who are wearing the uniforms of the United States.

Thanks to the Palace and to Wal-Mart for adorning their walls with pictures of the bravest and the greatest-veterans of America. And thanks to the Macon County Chronicle, the Westmoreland Observer, and the Portland Progressive for their words of praise for our veterans.

May God bless our country and our veterans.