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Senior Citizens, Let’s Take A Stand

Who would ever have thought that the Washington politicians would single out the largest and consistent voting block in this country to rob them of their meager retirement, but plans for this legal thievery is in the making and unless those of us who are senior citizens rise up and voice our opposition, then the planned takeover of what rightly belongs to the senior population will become a reality.

The leftwing Democrats don’t care if the seniors live or die. The health bill, which was recently passed in the House of Representatives, led by “Lady McBeth,” is designed through early end-of-life decisions to bring about an early death for the elderly sick. These save-society culture Gods want to deny the elderly a place in the nursing homes and in return will be turned over to the hospice people. These people do a good job, but they are only part time. The liberals claim this will save the government millions and millions of dollars. Well, what do you know, whoever heard of liberals wanting to save money. Oh, these do, so they can give it to illegal immigrants. Charity doesn’t begin at home with them. The possibility of making Democrats out of the illegal immigrants is what turns them on. Let the elderly suffer and die for all they care-the people who have built this country into the greatest nation the world has ever known.

This new bill will pay for end-of-life counseling, which could lead to government “death panels”. These culture God’s hope to talk the elderly into choosing less intensive care when they’re dying, and thus trim government-funded health bills. For me, I prefer to allow my creator to decide when I need to leave this world, and not the likes of some Witch of Endor and his puny, pitiful band of anti-Christian followers, called politicians.

The supporters of this new health bill claim that if the sick seniors would use hospice instead of nursing homes it would amount to as much as $7,000 savings for each sick elderly person. The problem is that some elderly people must have 7/24 care and not a two or three day visit from hospice. They must be fed each day, not just two or three times per week.

Hey, I’ve got two or three ideas. Let’s just feed the hard-hearted politicians two or three days a week, and let’s cut their insurance coverage, since they plan to cut Medicare to the tune of one-half trillion dollars. And when they get sick, let’s allow the radical Muslims to decide if the politicians are to live or die.

To all the liberal Democrats in Middle Tennessee, here is a message: Senior citizens are the largest consistent voting block in the nation, including Middle Tennessee and  you can take it to the bank, we’ll be at the polls the next time these political change agents run for re-election. Read my pencil, we’ll be there!