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Senior Citizens, Cry Out!

When the liberal Governor of Kentucky issued his edict forbidding the calling of the traditional Christmas tree by its name, but instead referring to it as a holiday tree, Kentuckians cried out in protest. The cries grew louder and more numerous in opposition to the Governor’s doofus policy, forcing him to recant. He got his Christmas present early-egg on his face.

When the Obama administration put on their white coats and decided to play doctor, suggesting women not having a mammogram until age fifty, the women of this country became tigers and chased the Obama bunch through the political woods and up trees, from where they called out, “please, please ladies, let us come down. We were misunderstood.” Oh yeah, and will the real liars please stand up?

What’s the point? The point is clear. Cry loud enough and long enough and the politicians will hear us. Look at what they are trying to do to the senior citizens. Remember that cost of living you received from the Bush administration last year, well, there will not be another one under Obama for two years. Take the taxpayers money to Denmark with which they will attempt to control the climate, but no money for the senior citizens. In fact, Medicare is being cut. In all probability, your Medicare premium will be increased, making your social security check smaller while the savings will be passed on to illegal immigrants and countries, which are trying to play God with the climate. Pardon me, but I thought Mother Nature controlled the weather, not demigods.

Furthermore, here is another “blessing” in store for senior citizens-end of life counseling and a pill to take them out of this world, that is if the continuation of life is going to be too expensive. So some political liberal will be dispatched to a senior citizen’s home, or bedside in a hospital or nursing home, and option’s explained to the elderly citizen-get well soon, do without medical care, including expensive medicine, or take a “mercy” pill. “Oh, they won’t do that,” somebody explains. They are already denying treatment to some, depending on what it will cost. Remember years ago when some of us warned that the liberal Democrats were going to promote the killing of babies, well it has happened, and thousands are killed annually? These same people will have no trouble with the “mercy” killing of sick senior citizens.

Let me tell you, my senior friends, great horror occurs throughout the world when liberal politicians decide that human life isn’t valuable. It will not bother the liberal Democrats to destroy life for social reasons. They are willing to wine and dine illegal immigrants, hoping to make Democrats out of them, though it will be taking food from the mouths of senior citizens, and robbing them of health care. This is victory for the humanists and atheists because they regard us as products of evolution in which intellectual power, that’s them, will decide on survival and worth.

Cry loud! Write letters and call your political representatives! Talk to your friends! Let your voice be heard! And by the way, each county desperately needs to have a Senior Citizen Rally for their rights.

As for me, I’ve lined up with the patriots. I’m for what my forefathers advocated and established: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, a free economic market, jobs for all, not give aways to all, and for the government to keep their noses out of our lives. If we don’t clean house of all the corrupt politicians, from the City Hall to D.C. these liberals will clean our plow. Benjamin Franklin had this to say: “Man will ultimately be governed by God or tyrants.” It’s up to us as who will govern us.