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In Defense of the Chimpanzees

Being an animal lover, I resent any homo sapien, whether a city councilman in Red Boiling Springs, or in Elm City, W.S.A., who unleashes a verbal attack against the highly intelligent chimpanzee. I submit that the chimpanzee may indeed be superior to some elected officials in their behavior.

Some questions will demonstrate the superiority of the chimpanzee over some incompetent, vengence seeking “public officials” in Red Boiling Springs. What chimpanzee, following a business meeting with his fellow chimpanzees, would whip out his cell phone and show a nude picture of a female chimpanzee, yet the mayor of Red Boiling Springs did that following a recent public hearing at city hall.

What chimpanzee would swing through the trees “shooting birds” (obscene gestures) at fellow chimpanzees below, yet the Mayor of Red Boiling Springs has “shot birds” three times to an older businessman who is respected in the community!

The people of Red Boiling Springs are upset, and rightly so, that their community is rapidly “getting a black eye” due to the immoral behavior of some of the elected officials, as well as petty politics, and just plain outright ignorance. They remember how it used to be, and are therefore unhappy with the way it is today. Some wit in RBS suggested that the Mayor views himself as Obama Jr., who can do what he wants to do with any reprisal. I don’t know if I believe that one or not, but I do know that several decent citizens in RBS have bound themselves together to fight the corruption in their community, which includes immorality, wasteful spending of tax dollars, showing favoritism to certain employees by paying them thousands and thousands of dollars above what their fellow employees receive, and by threatening employees and citizens when they refuse to submit to a “Hitler type” behavior.

An example is what the Mayor and his cronies did to Policeman Kimball Hall, which resulted in his resignation. What was done to Kimball Hall was plain wrong and is a violation of his civil rights. I’ve known Kimball for years, having had him in school, and he is a good officer

Kimball was doing his job, something some won’t do. Kimball comes from a good family in east Macon County, and the Mayor and those who helped run him out of his job will live to regret it (that’s my opinion).

By the way, the RBS attorney, Jon Wells, is not only an attorney but a church leader. For these two reasons he is in the position to correct the mayor and his couple or three so called “in-the-back-pocket” councilmen in a better leadership role that they are now following.

Here are two questions a group in RBS want answered-true or false.

  1. Is rent being offered in exchange for sex?
  2. Is an in-the-pocket councilman guilty of parking behind the Water Department with another man’s wife?