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Charting the Straight Course

I think most of us would agree that we are more knowledgeable today than at any period in history, but this is not by any means an indication that we are wiser. If we took a poll, we would discover that there is a current belief that somehow the great knowledge of our times creates for us a world that does not need the wisdom of God. Humanism has led us to believe that we have the answers in our own wisdom.

We have come to believe that the Bible is “Old-fashioned,” and that psychology has much more to offer. Then there is the matter of sociological findings, which has detoured America from her once strait course. And even in churches, ear-tickling has replaced sound teaching.

So society, and even churches found it expedient to experiment with the fruits of human wisdom. The outcome has been a major disaster. Big Government, the product of human wisdom, has discovered that it is too little, for Big Government demands bigger government Ten-Care in Tennessee is an example. The recent tragic hurricane was much bigger than Big Government. Human wisdom said it could take care of the world, but it couldn’t and will never be able to; divine wisdom demands that we chart a strait course by taking responsibility for our own lives. Then Big Government will be big enough for those who can’t assume responsibility for our their welfare. The professional welfare recipient has followed the course charted by political liberals, and this course has kept them uninformed and poor. They deserve better. It is obvious that the people who accept responsibility for their own lives fair much better that those who listen to the mentally sick liberals.

Make no mistake about it; there are those who don’t want the average “Joe” and “Jane” to chart their own course. They don’t want better paying jobs to come to the county for fear it might rain on their picnic or the picnic of the good-ole-buddy syndrome. They don’t want corruption exposed and they attempt to stop it, calling it upsetting to the people or damaging to the county. People have a right to know, and if petty, puny politicians don’t like it then they need to take their ball and go home. People can only chart a strait course when they are properly informed, and when society cares enough for them to insure they’re receiving a good education.

When a “chicken little” stands up in the courthouse and has nothing to say but to spout some anti-Christian gobbledygook, and then concludes by warning: “The sky is falling, the sky is falling,” then leadership has surely reached a low level. But what that person really means is that change is in the air, and in his own words, “I ain’t about to accept it, so I’m opposing it.” Well oppose on, but change will come—good or bad, it will come.

When teachers, principals, and ministers are hindered from helping our precious young people chart a strait course-hindered by the bad example of an elected official or officials, and the “good-ole boy” syndrome stamps their approval on this negative behavior, then it is time for all honest and decent citizens to cry out against such devastating influence. When the lamps of some so-called leaders grow dim, and their salt loses its taste, then it is time for them to go home and “study war no more.” Retirement would be a blessing to them and to their kind-all the way from city hall, the courthouse, the state capitol, and Washington, D.C.

People have a right to know that charting the strait course is the only right course. All others will eventually fail.