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The Year that was 2009

TEA Sells Out Tennessee Teachers

The headlines in a recent issue of the Tennessean read: “Teachers, Governor Make Deal.” No, No, No, the TEA and the Governor made a deal to tie state test scores to the tenure law. It was all done in the name of “Race To the Top,” that is, hoping to get some free money from the money tree in Washington.

My 30 years as a counselor and teacher taught me a number of lessons, and one is that so many negative factors enter into a child’s life that influences the outcome of that student’s test scores that to held the teacher responsible is the height of folly. This is the wrong way to measure. Come on TEA, I thought you people represented the teachers.

Macon County Hits An Educational Jackpot

The greatest thing that could happen to the Macon County Schools happened last year when the state took over the operation of the Tri-County Vocational School and placed it under the umbrella of the Hartsville Technical School. This was especially a boom for the Red Boiling Springs High School in that the school was in need of additional classes to offer and this new arrangement met the needs of RBS, thus insuring a stable future for the school. Both adults and students are allowed to attend the new technical school and furthermore it will save thousands of taxpayers dollars as the state will eventually assume the cost of operating the school. Thanks to Darrell Law, the former Director of Macon County Schools, and the Macon County Board of Education for helping to make this change. Students at Macon County High School and RBS High School can now take credits at the Macon Technical Campus and receive dual credit.

The Year of the Chicken Houses

The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming, but that may not be the worse??? Right now, I’m just listening and watching. This much I do know, I’ve never heard so much talk from people in the Lafayette area who seem bent on “throwing out of office” those who are responsible for luring the chicken industry into Macon County. I’m worried that illegal immigrants will be brought in to provide the labor instead of employing local people. I’m concerned that the children of the workers who came with the industry maybe the final straw that breaks the camel’s back because our school system is already overcrowded.

However, in all fairness, neighbors must not get mad at neighbors, and a wait and see spirit must prevail.

The Year of the Political Switch

Unbelievable! I can’t remember so many Democrats and Republicans leaving their respective party and becoming independents. However, I don’t blame them. This nation is angry at both the Democrats and Republicans. We are in a mess and they are the cause.