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Taking Back Our Beloved America

The Progressives, a mixture of liberal Democrats, fat cat Republicans, socialists, and atheists, have stripped our country of much of her heritage, and is seeking to destroy our Constitution. But their diabolical plans may be coming to an end. The new revolution is underway and these anti-American yellow bellies are running for cover. Even several people in Washington, D.C. have misgivings about the future. May her nose grow longer for having stamped her approval upon fleecing the senior citizens of their rightful social security and Medicare.

Way to go Massachusetts! You weren’t voting for the Republicans. You were voting against Obama’s destructive policies. You have lit the torch and it will be passed on to others. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If all of us will follow the example of Massachusetts, then we can take back our country.

Never has there been a time in which more Americans are alarmed about the future of our country.

Dear reader, the economy has never been worse, and the blood spilled in Afghanistan and Iraq, a fear of China and illegal immigrants have Americans frightened out of their wits. A new poll shows that half of the Americans want the U.S. to butt out of foreign countries. I wouldn’t trade one of our soldier’s lives for all the radical Muslims in the world. We have no business being in Muslim country, defending one set of Muslims against another. If it were left up to me, we would never have been in Afghanistan of Iraq. We need to take care of our own and stay out of other countries affairs. You can call it “new isolationism” or whatever you choose, but it is better than getting out young men and women killed and allowing our own to starve from lack of jobs.

A new booklet is out entitled “The ACLU vs America.” Get a copy and read it. The ACLU makes religion the very cornerstone of this country. Most Americans don’t realize that the ACLU was founded nearly 90 years ago for the express purpose of driving Christian influence out of main street America.

These atheists lovers have sought to reinterpret the U.S. Constitution; undermine America’s Christian heritage; to promote same-sex “marriages”; and to protect hard-core and child pornography. The ACLU is this country’s number-one religious censor. An ACLU official in Louisiana compared praying Christians to Islamic terrorists. Stand against this group with all your might. More than any other group, these anti-American hostages have done more to nab this nation of its’ glory than any group in this country.

Take your Bible concordance and look up the word “Meroz.” When you do, you will find why God condemned these people. Let this not be said of us.