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Normally we think of the downtrodden as individuals who are forced by those in power to live in poverty. Many children today have been born into downtrodden families. If their parents are downtrodden, then can they expect to rise above the economics, educational and social levels of their family? Some do and some don’t. What usually happens is that the children of a downtrodden family become underdogs. Guess what? Society expects them to lose.

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Our culture is so structured today as to make it possible for the average person to get an education. The cost and the requirements, when combined, discourage the person from seeking and education. Just recently, two fat cat Republicans, Senator Jamie Woodson, and Representative Joe McCord introduced a bill into the Tennessee Legislative that would rob needy college students of the HOPE Scholarship by requiring them to complete 14 credit-hours each semester instead of 12. What will be the consequences for some students? Some can’t handle 14 semester hours of college work. They struggle with 12. Furthermore, their parents will be forced to pay for 2 more credit hours, which some can’t do.  What use to be a 7 or 8 thousand dollar a y ear cost of education is now 15 or better. Politicians create the downtrodden element of society, and this is how the underdogs are born.

The downtrodden can never escape their dungeon of despair until leadership from the local level to D.C. stop their bickering and create the environment for development of jobs. Too, the downtrodden must be trained, and this requires cost free vocational and technical education. I’m no prophet, but unless changes resulting in jobs happen quickly, then the underdog populations is going to grow rapidly, filling the desks at elementary and secondary schools, but without hope and when there is no hope, then there is no reason to try.

Years ago I became the friend of the underdogs. I still am. It is a crying shame that the most prosperous Nation upon earth has such a large underdog population. Greedy and selfish men have sentenced fellow human beings to a life of misery by their uncaring attitude, and their political power. May God take vengeances on all who neglect and abuse their fellowman.

Some are so selfish as to remind me of the neighborhood prayers.

One neighbor prayed,

“Bless me and my wife

My son and his wife

Us four and no more.”

In another part of town a young couple prayed,

“Bless us two- and that will do.”

Then close by was an old bachelor who prayed,

“Bless just me- this is as far as I can see.”