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How Corruption and Immorality Become Rooted In A Community

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Corruption and immorality are twins whose destructive power has spread like wildfire in recent years thoughout America’s towns and communities. In an effort explains the havoc caused by these twin demons, men have laid the blame at the feet of town and community leadership. The truth is, bad leadership is the result of poor choices by voters. As long as the citizens of the community choose their leaders based upon social, religious, and clique ties, just that long will our towns and communities suffer at the hands of ignorant and greedy leaders. Poor leaders are the result of unwise voting. The citizens of a community are to blame for the corruption and immorality in their community when they cast their vote for one who lacks character and is destitute of leadership traits.

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When we permit a town to operate soley for the benefit of the employees of the town, and nothing is spent on its citizenry, then its downfall will soon occur. This is sorta like building a school building and operating it for the teachers instead of the real purpose if a school, that is, to educate children. If a community does nothing but employee men and women to work for it, and there is no real purpose for which it exists beyond its employees, then that town is useless. A town that doesn’t serve its citizens, beyond the services they pay for, has no right to exist.

Corruption and immorality will never take root in a community, if the people who live there will stand for what is right, and they are not afraid to let their convictions be known.

The love of money is not only the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10), but the primary cause of town and community decay. When money becomes more important than people, their disaster comes knocking on the door.