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I Told You So…

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It is difficult to believe and hard to swallow, but it is true-the politicians in Washington are seriously considering stopping payments for therapy from Medicare. This is another way of saying, “Let the senior citizens die, they’ve outlived their usefulness.”

Let me share with my readers a true story. Nadine Short, a paralyzed senior citizen, who has for years cared for herself, though confined to a wheelchair, recently admitted herself to the Palace Care and Rehab Center in Red Boiling Springs. Nadine lives near Tompkinsville, Ky. One arm was partially paralyzed from a stroke, but after several weeks of therapy at the Palace, she was able to return to her home, where she is caring for herself from a wheelchair and is costing Medicare not one red cent. Without the therapy, she would have been confined to the nursing home. So which is less expensive-therapy, and return home, or a long stay in the nursing home?

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Remember, I told my readers so, for a vote for a liberal Democrat is a vote for a new health care package which will be costly to productive citizens but a windfall for those who have earned the right to free insurance. Just so “no” to liberal Democrats and “Fat Cat” Republicans. They are a menace to society.

And, oh yes, remember me telling you that the sole purpose of Macon education was to bring about a culture change in America by indoctrinating our boys and girls? A debate is going on in Texas, and it looks as if the “progressives” will win—a new history textbook is being written which omits George Washington, Declaration of Independence, and World War II. Every World War II veteran needs to march on Texas. Other states, if written, will adopt this same anti-American textbook. People, it is ? than we think. Our enemies aren’t coming, they are already here.