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Wanted: caring people who view fellow humans as having worth, as having been made in the image of God. The sick, the young, the elderly, the handicapped, the dying are too often viewed as a nuisance in our selfish and uncaring society.

Recently a lady by the name of Ellen Delaney-Ball, a native of West Virginia, but living in Nashville, passed away at the Palace in Red Boiling Springs. Her body was carried to the Anderson & Son Funeral Home in RBS, but no relative even claimed it. After a few days, she was laid to rest at the Whitley Cemetery in Red Boiling Springs. Macon Bank & Trust, Citizens Bank and Lafayette Broadcasting cared enough, that each sent a wreath of flowers. Not a single relative came to cry and say goodbye. She died without family and she was buried without family. Sadly enough, this is repeated daily in our country. The uncaring are legion. Wanted: those who will care.

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The senior citizens of this country have been skunked by politicians who smell worse than any pole cat. The Congress gave themselves a healthy raise, but put on hold a cost of living raise for two years for these who receive social security benefits. Millions will be deducted from their Medicare, so the uninsured, some too lazy to work, can have health insurance. This is something the politicians don’t want you to know-16,000 new employees will be added to the IRS payroll to supervise the health care program. Multiply sixteen thousand by approximately $30 thousand then weep over the staggering cost of health care. No new doctors, no new nurses, but 16,000 more IRS employees. Predictions are that primary care professionals will be flooded with new patients, which they will not have the time to see.

Afterwards, according to a recent article in the Tennessean, there will possibly be a bottleneck at the front door of primary care doctors and nurses. Wanted: some politicians in D.C. who have good sense. The idea of fining people who don’t or can’t buy health insurance is insane. It is my opinion, that only in the loony bin of D.C. could we find a situation so goofy as to hire thousands to force people with no money to purchase health insurance.

If these loony bin advocates really cared for the elderly and the poor, many of whom can’t afford the necessities of life, they would have never passed a bill consisting of a thousand plus pages without reading it. Will the real caring people please stand up?

Freedom, where are thou? Let me share this with my readers—from the pen of John Adams in a letter to his wife, Abigail on July 17, 1775: “But a Constitution of Government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost, is lost forever.”

Wanted: men and women who will truly care for those who are elderly, and for those who can’t help themselves.

Wanted also: men and women who will cherish and work to prevent the erosion of our freedoms and liberties.

Hey! How about this? Millions are being sent from the stimulus package to finance Chinese workers who will build fast track rails in California. And we thought stimulus money was to create jobs in America, not China. I can’t help wondering how long it will be until China forecloses on America.