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The Truth In Love… Take It or Leave It.

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The wise King Solomon wrote, “Buy the truth and sell it not…Proverbs 23:23), but most seem more interested in selling the truth than buying it. Our times desperately need the truth, but they need it in love.

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I take my hat off to the elementary students and their teachers who for the last few days have been subjected to the worthless T-Caps testing which originated in the minds of intellectual elitist activits and authorized by mis-informed politicians. There is absolutely no proof that our students are better educated because of this annual ignominious torture. Just recently, in another county, a mother of a six-grade daughter told me of taking her daughter to a doctor because she was complaining for feeling ill, but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her physically. Upon further questioning the girl and the mother, the M.D. said, “Your daughter has T-Caps anxiety.” The girl was afraid that, in  the event she didn’t score high enough on her T-Caps, she might not be promoted to the next grade level, and thus not be with her friends. This little girl is probably not the only student, and I might add, teacher, who is suffering from T-Caps anxiety. And to think, the political bullies want to fire teachers whose students fail to achieve an acceptable level on the T-Caps tests. When these mis-guided zealots present proof that the T-Caps is producing better educated students, then I’ll apologize for this tirade. Imagine, I got a BA degree from Davis Lipscomb College and a Master’s from Tennessee Tech University, and I never had a single T-Cap test and I “ain’t” (pardon the grammar you do-gooders) the sharpest knife in the drawer. This is the truth in love concerning T-Caps-take it or leave it.

One large bank in Cookeville recently laid off a number of their employees, and a young man who had worked there for two or three years told me sadly, “They sent their E-,ail work to India and their customer service to Mexico. He was not happy, for he was one of those laid off. Is there going to be no end to this dismantling of American’s economic system? We educate people who come to us from India and then they go back home and we send them work that American’s can do. And we send some of the stimulus money to China so the Chinese workers can come to CA. and built a fast rail track. This is the truth in love- take it or leave it.

Senior Citizens are being mis-treated by Obama Care. Millions will be taken out of their Medicare so the uninsured can have insurance coverage. Then there is no cost of living for senior citizens in their Social Security coverage for two years, I want everybody to have access to health care, but not at the expense of the seniors who earned their retirement. By the way, is it true America is going to recruit doctors from China to meet the needs of the new health care program? Shucks, I can’t even understand the ones who are already here from other countries, but I’m trying. This is the truth in love- take it or leave it.

No, it’s not love that Obama is much like FDR. He’ll never see the time, is he continues to hold to socialism, that he compares to FDR. However, this is not his comparison, but the liberals. FDR put people to work following the depression, including young people (CCC), and he had the terrorists put to death who came to the coasts of Ca. and Fla. from Germany. Also, he sent terrorists to Military courts. Where would the elderly be today had FDR not inacted the Social Security Act with the help of congress? This is the truth in love- take it or leave it.