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I Protest

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I protest! This country was built upon the freedom to protest. I’m not thinking of riots, but of honest protesting because over Nation’s stability s at risk. When protesting is outlawed, then our liberties and freedoms will be gone. When there gone, they will never be regained. Freedom of speech grants me the right to peacefully express my views. Those who threaten protesters by insisting that they will agiate the loose cannons among us to violence are simply trying to stop the protest movement that is currently sweeping America. They are protestors as well- attempting to silence all who are against Big Government.

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I protest the person in front of me at the check out counter who has on designer jeans, looks as healthy as a pig, but pays for his on his cart of groceries with a red and white stripped card, while the rest of us have to pay our hard earned money for the same items. I’m certainly not opposed to the elderly, the sick, and those out of work receiving food assistance. I’m for it. But the do-gooders who hand out food cards to healthy able-bodied citizens are doing both those who receive them and the government a great injustice.

I protest our lack of jobs, while stimulus money is being given to big banks, GM, and even given to China, our own go without jobs. My next new car, if there is one, will be a Ford, because of their refusal to take stimulus money from the liberals, we need to stop rewarding those corporations that are run poorly, and reward those like Ford and small banks that are operated efficiently.

I protest our governments sticking its nose into private businesses. When czars run little banks out of business, then there will be no one to lend money to the poor, for the big banks loan their money to the fat cats. Meow.

I protest the progressive Democrats who seek to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement and cause turmoil. The Tea Party is a movement and not a political party. They have every right to protest Big Government so does Sarah Palin. The liberals are afraid of her because she is telling the truths.

I’m a true patriot. What are you? Former President Bush can have his Canada and Mexico and try to form a triple alliance with them and America; and President Obama can have world government, if that’s what he wants; for me, I’ll take America the way our forefathers left it to us with all of its liberties and freedoms. It’s the best Nation on earth’s planet and those who seek to deny the rest of us access to America’s blessings are in peaceful opposition. We “ain’t” gunna stop. We love our children and grandchildren!

“He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; and he that dares not to reason is a slave.”

-Sir William Drummond 1585-1649

“1500 Illustrations”