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Uneven Playing Field

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One would have to have his head in the sand not to take note of how much the news media slants stories. If you are pro-abortion, you are called pro-choice. If you are pro-life, and I am, you are called anti-abortion. Then the unborn baby is called a fetus. Abortion is called a medical procedure. As far as the truth is concerned, the news media is worthless. The news media is liberal, and stops just short of lying in reporting the news. Slanting the news is their game.

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However, we must never forget that the playing field wasn’t ever for Jesus either, and those who follow Him have been playing on slanted field ever since. Christians should never be surprised that they have to play on uneven fields. Jesus was mistreated, and Christians are going to be mistreated. But we need to take courage, for Jesus said”…In the world ye shall here tribulations: but be of good cheer; I have over come the world” (John 16:33).

No, dear readers, the playing field isn’t even, and this makes me very angry. There are uneven playing fields all around us. Here is a little boy or girl who comes from an unwholesome home environment who goes to school, only to find an uneven playing field. This type of student is never able to complete academically or in sports with those students who are growing up in homes where there are no serious problems and are encouraged to do their best. Part of the underdogs failure is due to a lack of readiness, and a failure on the part of a handful of teachers and coaches who make no effort to level the playing field.

And, of course, the good jobs go to those with the most pull, and again the underdog falls on his face as he attempts to play on an uneven field.

We must understand that in this life some of us will always be on uneven ground. But we can overcome this imbalance by education, hard work, perseverance, and trusting in our Creator.

When I write of an uneven playing fields, I’m not suggesting that a socialist administrator stop in and level the field with a so-called progressive government taking over every aspect of our lives. I heard him say it on TV, President Obama believes that government is an answer to every problem. When a government decides how much money a person or persons, including corporations, can earn, and to which charity they can give their money, this is robbing America of the very spirit that has built this country into the envy of the world. One doesn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Jobs, idiots, this is what we need. This will level the playing field quicker than any act by a bunch of so-called “progressives.”