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One popular denomination urges people to “come as you are” to church.

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Oh really? Do people go as they are to eat out? Do people go as they are to their physician? Do people go as they are to meet some prominent politician? How come a politician is more important than God?

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Darrell Beard, a friend, a preacher for the East Main Church of Christ in Tupelo, Miss., and also editor of his church’s weekly bulletin, placed the following note from the church elders in a recent issue of the bulletin: “The Elders kindly request that men leading in worship wear the best clothes they have.” Isn’t it gratifying to hear of an eldership that has the wisdom and courage to prevent the change agents from turning the church into a hippie cult for the adults and a zoo for the children? They had every right to make that request.

When we wear the best we have, whatever it is, then we’ll be showing dignity, honor and respect toward God. For after all, when we assemble for worship, He is in our midst, and who wants to come before Him in ragged jeans and T-shirts with writings? That kind of clothing is designed for work and play, not worship.

The worship service is not a gathering of revelry and come-as-you-are advocates, but a service of honor and praise to God.

When one leads in a worship service, he is representing the church, and should act and dress in that manner. Those sitting in the pews need to realize that they are also before God and should give attention as to how they appear before Him.

In the recent past, I’ve witnessed girls and some young women wearing shorts to worship. Maybe they don’t know any better, due, perhaps, to the lack of an adult within the family to guide them in the proper dress for worship.

If we wear the best we have, that will be good enough. Anything less is not good enough.